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Our Dogs - Roxy

Gileyna Enapay Roxy (Roxy)
dob: 31/03/2012
colour : Black & Tan

Hip: 6:4
Patella: 0/0
Elbows: 0/0
Thyroid: OK
TGAA negative

Dam: Mussendun Amastunner at Gileyna
Sire: Eros I Pecnikov at Mussendun
Roxy has had 3 beautiful litters and all of them are doing well in their forever homes.
Roxy is a fantastic Mum and goes above and beyond what's expected from her, even allowing the pups to feed from her until they go to their forever homes, whereas many Mums will stop once the pups are weaned. She is also very good at disciplining them so they know right from wrong. We regularly meet with her (now grown up) pups and she still puts them in their place!!
We are planning her next (and last) litter to arrive in Summer 2018.

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