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"Phaysels" is the kennel name recognised by the Kennel Club UK, owned by the King family.
We are Kennel Club UK Assured breeders and are based in Milton Keynes, Bucks, UK.
We are a family of 4, Clair, Paul, Sammy & Bob and currently have 2 Eurasier bitches called Bella and Roxy.

We are members of the Eurasier Society UK (ESUK) and can often be seen showing off our dogs and educating the public on the Eurasier Society UK breed stands at Discover Dogs, Crufts and the National Pet show.
We have chosen not to show our dogs in the ring because there are so few Eurasiers in the UK that are shown so there is very little competition. Showing is a time consuming and expensive hobby and driving hours to a show where you might be the only entry in the class doesn't appeal to me, I'd much rather have a nice long walk in the woods with my dogs and friends... and I'm sure my dogs would prefer it too!
We first fell in love with Eurasiers in 2010 when we found Bella. They are such a loving breed, eager to please and are particularly intelligent. They are just bred as companion dogs, so see themselves as part of your family and take their jobs very seriously, if you don't want a fluffy shadow, Eurasiers aren't for you!
We were then lucky enough to add Roxy to our family in 2012 and we wouldn't be without either of them! 
First and foremost our dogs are our family pets. They aren't bred from then given away (or sold) to make room for more dogs, nor are they given away if they aren't going to be bred from for whatever reason. We only have one litter per year and both of our dogs live inside the home with us as family members rather than in kennels outside.
Here at Phaysels we welcome visitors at anytime if you are interested in meeting the dogs with a view to getting yourself a little bundle of joy!
Roxy had a litter of 7  puppies in 2015 and 3 pups in 2016, she has recently been scanned and pregnancy has been confirmed, so we are expecting her third litter of puppies at the end of June 2017.
Find us on Facebook, just search for ""  or email me  at the same address for more info.
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